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Assist leaders, managers and employees to understand mental health in the workplace.

Do you want to support your employees' well-being during the coromavirus pandemic?

There are a range of training programs, both face-to-face and online, that can assist leaders, managers and employees to understand mental health in the workplace. These are delivered with a combination of Lived Experience & Clinical Education perspectives to give your people the power of relatable and the support of evidence based practices.

These are kept to 20 people maximum so that we can utilise maximum interraction and engagement. These trainings are designed to leave attendees confident and motivated to use the skills they have just been shown.

Course Name

How to manage your well-being during the coronavirus pandemic


This training we show strategies to manage your Well-Being during isolation and difficult times. We also help you create your very own Well-Being plan.

  • Learn the 5 Keys To Managing Your Mental Health during the Coronavirus Pandemic
  • Create a personalised Well-Being Plan using our Guidebook
  • Learn how to Manage Anxiety during stressful situations
  • Stuck at home? Learn ways to manage your Mental Health during isolation
Course Name

How to facilitate meaningful conversations


This training session allows employees and managers to gain the confidence and skills in facilitating meaningful conversations.

  • How to setup boundaries
  • Learn how to empathise with distress
  • Build Protective Factors
  • Plan for your self-care recovery
Course Name

How to communicate meaningfully with children about coronavirus


This training is for anyone who is looking after children and wants to know how to communicate with them about what’s going on and also provide further support to them for their wellbeing. 

  • The dos and donts of talking to kids about coronavirus 
  • Tips to maintain a healthy headspace for children
  • How to hold meaningful conversations and support children

“When the staff had completed the training all we had was positive feedback. The training was thought provoking, relevant and the personal touch hit the mark. The exercises in the training were simply, but effective. I would highly recommend this to all staff in an organisation.”

Adrian Foster, City of Campbelltown Risk Management Co-Ordinator

"I really enjoyed this course and although some of the content was quite heavy. It gave me a lot to think about and also gave me strategies I will be able to use, both in a professional sense and in my personal life. Vincent did a great job and he was able to keep everyone engaged. "

Educator from Salisbury East High School

Let's support your employees during the Coronavirus Pandemic shall we?

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