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Here's a bit about who we are and what we're doing.

Who are we?

Mind Over Matter was created to help remove stigma, increase awareness and education on mental health and mental illness, and help provide strategies to all Australians for how they can manage and improve their mental health and well-being and help the people around them get support. 

Mind Over Matter deliberately combines the power of Lived Experience stories with Clinical Mental Health training so that your workplace is covered from both angles. This allows you to both be inspired which helps create change & impact, and educated which allows you to have the confidence you can support those around you.

Mind Over Matter was created by Luke McLean. Luke suffered and battled Depression, Anxiety and Addiction for many years and was trying to fight it all by himself. Ashamed, embarrassed and feeling alone, he continued to struggle as he neglected his Mental Health and didn’t know there was help out there. After experiencing a major panic attack and having multiple suicidal thoughts, he begun to seek help through professional therapy and connecting with people with lived experience as well as learning strategies to manage & improve his well-being. 

Through his journey, Luke realised the importance of prioritising mental health and well-being strategies and removing the stigma associated with mental health and mental illness and begun work as an advocate.  

Luke McLean

Lived Experience Facilitator

Luke began sharing his experiences with Mental Health issues such as Depression, Anxiety & Addiction in the hope that he could help prevent people from getting to the point he did, when he was starting to feel suicidal.  

He is a Mental Health Advocate and began facilitating Mental Health Lived Experience sessions across Workplaces, Sporting Clubs, Community Groups etc. in 2017.  

He quite openly shares his personal battles as well as strategies he has learnt along the way that have helped him get back to living a happy & healthy life.  

Luke will work with anyone and any group that are passionate about removing stigma asscoiated with Mental Health and looking to become the best version of themselves.

Vincent Riviere

Mental Health First Aid Instructor

Vincent has worked in the Child and Adolescent Mental Health and Wellbeing field for the past 12 years. Vincent has worked in a variety of acute clinical settings which include non-government, government, juvenile justice, health, employment assistance programs and both secondary and primary school sectors.  

In 2017, Vincent joined the Principals Australia Institute team and managed the South Australian Kidsmatter and Mindsmatter national Mental Health Initiative in School contracts. Through this, Vincent worked nationally with school leadership and staff to embed the frameworks and strengthen knowledge of best practice models of Mental Health and Wellbeing for whole school communities.  

Vincent is also a nationally recognised facilitator of Youth and Standard Mental Health First Aid accredited courses. This has seen Vincent work with and support school and corporate staff from around Australia to gain their accreditation.  

Vincent also works with corporate teams, school leadership, staff and school wellbeing teams within consultancy to support best practice in terms of support, processes, procedures, referral and treatment of students and staff suffering from Mental Health difficulties.

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